Monthly Archives: September 2013

Open House and PTA Meeting, Thursday 9/12

Reminder that our Open House is Thursday evening. Please join us at 5:30.

There will be a brief Harry Stone PTA meeting (general meeting) coinciding with the Open House.

New or returning, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.

Harry Stone will observe Elementary Fair Day

For those of us that forget – like I do – and for those of us who have never known…
Harry Stone observes Elementary Fair Day, which is October 11. In other words, the whole school – PreK-8th grade – takes off October 11.

The same logic applies to the parent conference dates that are split between elementary and secondary. Harry Stone will have ours October 10.

— Thanks goes to Martha Ingrum for this one.

Transportation changes

In case you didn’t hear:

Harry Stone Parents/Staff,

Please be aware that beginning Friday, September 6, 2013, Dallas County
Schools will be picking up your child in a yellow school bus.

Pick up will still be at the designated school communicated to you
earlier so please refer to the documents from Dallas ISD and Dallas
County Schools to confirm those locations.  [See attached route
schedule for your information.]   Also, please contact Dallas County
Schools at (214) 944-4539 with any questions.