PTA Jeans Fridays

The school staff has taken on managing Jeans Day funds collection. Fees are $2 a week, cash only. Multiple weeks can be purchased at a time, and season passes are available at a discount. Contact the school office for more information.

Working with the administration and staff, the PTA has arranged an opportunity for fundraising and for some student fun with Jeans Fridays. With the purchase of Jeans Day Passes from the PTA, students are allowed to wear jeans and school spirit or uniform shirts on Fridays.

Jeans Day Passes ($2 per week or $15 for the rest of the Fall semester/$30 for the Spring, $45 for the year) may be purchased here, and your student(s) will be added to the list distributed to each teacher. No tickets to keep track of!

Jeans must be worn with a uniform or school spirit shirt and must follow the same guidelines outlined for uniform pants (no holes or tears; denim shorts or skirts are allowed, but must be appropriate length).

Complete the form below, and use either the convenient PayPal payment, or deliver your payment to the PTA dropbox in the school office. If you prefer to send a paper form in with your payment, print and complete this: Jeans Day Pass Printable

The Jeans Days will start Friday, September 11, 2015. Currently Pending a Start Date for 2016

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