The benefits of parental involvement

By Mrs. Wright, HSMA School Counselor

Once again we’re off to a great school year!  As the school counselor of Harry Stone, I am concerned about your child’s social and emotional well being, as well as academic success.    It is important to remember that when school personnel and parents work together, it is a winning combination for children.  Here are the Benefits of Parent Involvement taken from research by noted authorities in the area of Parent Involvement, Joyce Epstein and Anne Henderson.

For students

  • More positive attitudes toward school.
  • Higher achievements in reading, math, etc.
  • Higher quality and more grade-appropriate homework.
  • Completion of more homework.
  • Observing more similarities between the family and the school.

For parents

  • Receiving ideas from school on how to help their children.
  • Learning more about educational programs and how the school works.
  • Becoming more supportive of their children and the school.
  • Becoming more confident about ways to help their children learn.
  • Giving more positive views of teachers and the school.

For teachers & schools

  • Improved teacher morale.
  • Parent’s higher ratings of teachers.
  • Teachers’ rating of parents as more helpful.
  • Improved student achievement.
  • Parent support of schools and bond issues.

All children deserve to be winners, and together, we can help this goal to be realized.


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