PTA is looking for parents and teachers for the 2014-15 Board

The PTA is looking for parents and teachers interested in helping the school community by serving on the 2014-15 PTA Board. If you are interested in serving or know someone who is, or would like more information, please contact the nominating committee chairman, Paul Beaty.

We’ll be voting to fill the Board positions at the next PTA general meeting, May 8.

If you would be interested in helping, but don’t feel that you can make the commitment to a board position, we have various Chair and Guild positions, too. See here.

The positions for the PTA Board are:

Secretary Agendas, meeting minutes
Treasurer Finances, banking
Parlimentarian Parliamentary rules & procedures, bylaws
1st VP Oversees/coordinates Programs Chair, Hospitality Chair, Teacher Appreciation
2nd VP – Membership Membership drive and management. Oversees/coordinates Directory Chair, Volunteer Services Chair, Book Fair Chair
3rd VP – Public Welfare and Education Oversees/coordinates Youth Safety Chair, Parent Education/Resource Chair, Health Education Chair, Environmental Chair, and Legislation Action Chair
4th VP – Student Enrichment Oversees/coordinates Arts in Education Chair, Cultural Arts Education Chair,  Playground Chair, Reflections Contest, and Outdoor Classroom Chair
5th VP – On-going fundraising Planning and management of on-going fundraising projects
6th VP – Publicity Oversees/coordinates Communications Chair, Choice Fair Chair, Newsletter Chair, and Web Chair

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