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This site is no longer maintained. No active members have expressed an interest in supporting the site.

All information on the site should be considered out of date.

PTA Officer Nominations for 2020-21

Folks, it’s that time of year again. Our Harry Stone community needs a few good people to join together and help provide leadership of our PTA into the next school year. We are taking nominations for the PTA board positions, which will be voted on at our 5/26 meeting. If you are interested, or know someone you’d like to nominate, please send an email to See below for details.

If you aren’t ready to be a PTA board member, but are interested in contributing, we are always on the lookout for folks interested in helping on committees or for PTA events.

Position Duties and Responsibilities


  • Represent the PTA and coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the association

1st VP

  • President’s aide and backup,
  • Committees: Program Chair, Hospitality Chair, Teacher Appreciation

2nd VP Membership

  • Committees: Directory Chair, Volunteer Services Chair, Book Fair

3rd VP Public Welfare and Education

  • Committees: Youth Safety Chair, Parent Education/Resource Chair, Health Education Chair, Environmental Chair, Legislation Action Chair

4th VP Student Enrichment

  • Committees: Reflections Contest, Outdoor Classroom Chair, Arts in Education, Cultural Arts Education Chair, Playground Chair

5th VP On-going fundraiser

  • Committees: Family Fun Night, Daddy Daughter Dance

6th VP Publicity

  • Committees: Communications Chair, Magnet/Choice Fair Chair, Newsletter Chair, Web Chair


  • Records and documents verbal communication that takes place at Meetings and or gatherings.


  • Reconciles and records all financial income and transactions for the PTA along with bank deposits and check disbursement.

Harry Stone presents a Taste Tasting This Thursday, 5:30-6:30

DISD Food Service will be at Harry Stone this Thursday, Jan 23, 5:30-6:30, to give us a taste of items proposed for next year’s student menu. 
Please come join us! This is a special opportunity, which doesn’t come around often.


PTA Meeting ~ Nov. 12 at 6pm

Please join us for this period’s PTA Meeting.

Family Fun Night 10.25~6-8

It’s that time of the year again! Our annual Family Fun Night is approaching, and this year, we are planning to bring back the Family Fun Night that we all know and love, except with a twist!  This year’s event will be Friday, October 25th, and the theme is “Fall Festival.”

Get your costumes ready, as we will be featuring a costume contest, a haunted house, a trunk or treat, and many more games and attractions that will be fun for the entire family of all ages! In order to make  year’s event “spooktacular,” we are needing your help in selecting games/attractions that you and your family would like to see at this year’s Family Fun Night.

Please complete this survey with your child so that we can be sure to have all the fun they can handle.

More student foreign travel options!

We have added a Spanish language trip to Puerto Rico for June 2020! Mrs. Esnault is leading this trip as well. Explorica is the organization that’s making all of the arrangements. But we need families to sign up soon. We get a lot of interest in our foreign travel destinations, but when it’s time to sign up we can’t get the requisite number of families to actually sign up. So please encourage everyone you know who has a Spanish or French student to register for our 2020 trips. Quebec City 2020 is ONE family shy of the minimum necessary for the trip to happen. ONE MORE STUDENT, or the other students will have their trips cancelled. Let’s make this happen!

Information and sign-up for the Puerto Rico trip is here:

Quebec City is here sign-up instructions are here:
How to Register

 Your Tour Number is Q3N200315H
 Your Password is Quebec203
 Go to
 Click on “My Tour” located in the website menu
 Enter your Tour Number in the search box, and press “enter” to start the search
 Click on your Tour Number or on “Continue Reading” when it appears
 Enter your password
 You will have access to tour details and registration
 Please read through everything before registering.

Join PTA

Don’t forget to join the PTA! First class to reach 100% participation in each category will get to PICK THEIR PARTY!!!!

PTA Meeting Tonight

Our first HSMA PTA Meeting is tonight at 6:00 pm. Come join us for school updates and great information! We will also have tables set up for Membership, T-Shirt Sales, Fundraising, and Talented and Gifted!! You won’t want to miss it! 🙂

PTA Meeting

Save the Date! We will have our first PTA meeting Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 6:00 pm!

Quebec City, Quebec 2020

Greetings, HSMA PTA!

We are excited to say that we already have students signing up for the PTA-Sponsored trip to Quebec City. As a reminder, the trip will be in March of 2020 – over Spring Break. Also, the trip is only for French students, as Quebec City is the capital city of the French-speaking province of Quebec. Attached is the itinerary for the trip. You will find all information that you could need on this itinerary, including a link to register your French student for the trip on page 3 of the itinerary. This is a wonderful city, and many Stone students have been able to experience French language and culture in its very Canadian version. Contact PTA member Dominque Esnault if you have further questions at