Field Day snack list

Hard copies are not available at this time.

Field Day is fast approaching!  It’s one of the events the students look forward to the most.  Because they use up so much energy, they need to have snacks throughout the events.  To help guarantee we have a large variety and healthy options for all students, we have put together a list of snacks by grade and ask that parents send them to school for Field Day, keeping in mind this is for all participants.  Non-perishable items can be sent any time prior to Field Day (May 9).  Perishable items (fruits and carrots) should be sent no earlier than the day before.   Water will be provided.  We also need volunteers to lend ice coolers/chests to store ice for the snow cone machine.  And, of course, parent volunteers for the events are always welcome.


Pre-K – individual snack-size bags goldfish crackers

Kinder – A – H: small apples

I – P: tangerines (e.g. Cuties or Haloes)

Q – Z : bananas

1st Grade – boxes of 100% fruit leathers (e.g. Simply Balanced (at Target) or Plum Kids)

2nd Grade – packages of individual snack-size bags of baby carrots

3rd Grade – 100% fruit/fruit-veggie juice boxes (e.g. Simply Balanced or Juicy Juice)

4th Grade – trays of individual packages graham crackers or animal crackers

5th Grade – box granola bars (e.g. Nature Valley “Crunchy” or Simply Balanced, not Quaker and no chocolate or peanut butter, please)

(*Brands are only examples.  You may purchase any brand, but please make sure there is no added sugar.*)

Donations to be sold at Field Day.  Proceeds  help fund Field Day and benefit the Physical Education Department.

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