International Children’s Day

An excellent opportunity for our students and families, and they are looking for volunteers to help. Even if you aren’t available to help, come out and enjoy and learn:

International Children’s Day, organized by DFW International Community Alliance, offers students an opportunity to learn about global cultures while improving their communications skills and serving the community.

DFW is an international city where 44% of the residents are New Americans. International Children’s Day is a great way to connect and you can learn more about the event by visiting A list of projects is available by clicking on the ‘Program Details’ button.


We’re looking for additional volunteer groups to help us with these and other crafts:
– Mayan number game
– Coqui tiny frog puzzle from Puerto Rico
– Jaguar figure from Central America
– cowrie shell activity from Africa


Yes, we’re glad to sign student papers for ‘service hours’. If your community service / youth group would like to be a part of this event, please contact
Anne Marie Weiss-Armush
DFW International Community Alliance

International children's day 2014

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