Letter from Ms. Williams, Art teacher

Good Evening Parents,

The Art Department is off to a great start! So far we are learning about lines directions, dimensions, colors, art history and much more. This year the district is requiring Kindergarten, 3rd, and 7th grades to take an ACP Exam in the fall and spring semesters in art. Every student who comes to art will be taking quizzes for art as well. The seventh and eighth grade students will take end of the semester exams at the end of the fall and spring semesters. I will be sending some more study guides home for the ACP and small quizzes. In addition, I will be sending the art textbook home sometimes to help the students with their reviews for their test when needed. Parents please come to the art room to check out the books for the 3rd grade students if you would like to have a book at home. The students are responsible for turning the book in when asked. Please remember the elementary students are on a six day rotation for art, which means they come to art once a week, and sometimes once every two weeks with the exception of 3rd (once a week) and Kindergarten (once every four days). Please continue to have your child on time to art and assist your child with studying for their test. Please donate the following materials for special projects: foam plates(for printmaking), one and two gallon freezer bags, and small trash bags (to keep the clay soft while working on it), masking tape, aluminum foil, and hand soap (we need thick soap when we use clay). I am looking forward to providing your student with the best Art Education possible. Once again, thank you for continuing to support our HSMA awesome artists.

Loretta Williams/ Art Education Pre-K- Kinder- and 1st-8th grade

September 24, 2014

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