Aguilar family update

Lots and lots of donations have been received.  A great big thank you to those who have donated!

However the family still needs:

clothing for: male – 33×32 pants, 8 1/2 shoes, large shirts and jacket

female – size 8 pants, 6 1/2-7 shoes, large shirts and jacket

youth male – 28×30 pants, medium shirts and jacket

youth female – size 8 pants, 7 1/2 shoes, medium shirts and jacket

6th grade female – size 10 pants, size 4 shoes, 10-12 shirts and jacket

diapers (size 3) and clothing for 9 month old girl

Hats and gloves for all as the weather turns colder.  Some of the family’s clothing was unharmed by flames, but infused with smoke and is unusable.


Please contact Mrs. Liza Lopez at the school – 972-794-3400 (fax 972-794-3401) for further information.

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