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Dear Parents and Guardians,

with the rehearsal #8 schedule. The reasons for the cancellations are many and I hope for the better of all concerned.

Last Friday, November 14th, there was an important rehearsal to finish the scenes with the monkey characters. There were 7 of the 17 cast members missing from rehearsal. That was a record number!  Many of these students were on their third absence. Absences have been numerous throughout the rehearsal period for this particular cast. Unfortunately, I have been sent very few emails about illnesses or emergencies, so I do not know why students are missing. Friday, I had no choice but to finish the monkey scenes with who was present. Many changes were made to make up for lack of numbers, so the students who were present were able to get secure in the scene. If your student has missed 3 of the 5 monkey rehearsals, it is too many for them to catch up. Constant repetition and changes in previously rehearsed scenes really lowers the morale of the students who are there and keeps us from being able to finish the show in a timely manner. Please realize when a cast member is absent we have to do it all again upon their return. Rehearsal becomes about catching up not moving forward. We have rehearsed that particular scene over and over, always with missing students. It is now set and must remain that way for cast security.

This year the schedule has had to make allowances for illnesses, tutoring changes, missing cast members, and now testing conflicts. I realize changes in schedule are very difficult on everyone, including myself. I am sensing, from all of this, that everyone needs a rest. I feel it will be advantageous for the students and Parents to take a break and resume rehearsals after the Thanksgiving break. Your children will be called less through December because of testing, so please make sure that they are there when called. I will watch to keep rehearsals off of the tutoring days if I can. This is the first year this has been a conflict. I’m not sure what has changed. I will work with the 3rd grade teachers on this for next year. Tutoring is very important and I do not want any child to miss the opportunity.

We must remember, we are out for the last two weeks in December and when we return from Winter break, the show will be upon us. It seems a long time from now, but with all the breaks it really isn’t. If you or your child has decided to not continue in the show, please, let me know immediately.

I deeply appreciate your support of the theatre program at our school and to those of you who have volunteered, thank you, thank you. We will be having volunteer calls in December, so please look for announcements. Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving. I look forward to pulling the show together with all of you and having a joyous opening night in January!


Abigail Crabtree


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