Winners of the HSMA Science Fair

Below is a list of 1st – 3rd place winners for grades 3 through 8
3rd Grade
1st place: William Anderson – Celery Stick
2nd place: Sadie Brisendine – M&M Race and Khalil Norris – Sting Like a Bee
3rd place: Madisyn Tyler – Which Bread Molds Faster
4th Grade
1st place: Karson Shelby – Meltdown
2nd place: Victor Dupree – Bad to the Bone
3rd place: Shane Davis – Yolk Float
5th Grade
1st place: Sarah Brisendine – Perfect Parachute
2nd place: Tai’Yana Brown – Where’s the Meat
3rd place: Aja Johnson – Running to the Beat
6th Grade
1st place: Avery Rose – The Ultimate Battery
2nd place: Nicholas Jones – The effect of preservatives on the growth of food bacteria
3rd place: Alicyn Norris – Popcorn Crazy
7th Grade
1st place: Howard Anderson – That’s the Way the Ball Bounces
2nd place: Sebastian Roman – Artificial vs. Natural
3rd place: Leo Sanchez and Victor Alfaro – Wind Turbine Efficiency
8th Grade
1st place: Kyra Sanders – Public or Private
2nd place: Alex Rodriguez – Listen Quickly
3rd place: Christopher Adkins – Thermal Energy Spheres

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