Stone shows at Lone Star Challenge

Lone Star Challenge is the elementary competition equivalent to Academic Decathlon and Academic Pentathlon. Nine-member teams are comprised of:

  • 3 Fourth Graders
  • 3 Fifth Graders
  • 3 Sixth Graders

The competition was held Saturday at DA Hulcy MS.  Approximately 400 hundred students and 40 schools across the district  competed.


Harry Stone’s team consisted of:

Sterlling Bond (6)                                   Aja Johnson (5)                      Cole Chaney (4)

Cecil Moseley (5)*                                 Kimaari Mondy (5)                   Noel Hawthorne (4)

Karthik Swamanthinan (6)                     Molly Soukup (5)                     Reuben Herriage (4)


Cecil placed 1st in the Language/Social Studies  section.  Karthik took 3rd for his essay.  Stone placed 2nd in the Super Quiz round and 3rd in Overall Team Score.


*Students may compete one grade level above their current grade.



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