Harry Stone Community meeting with Trustee Blackburn

There will be a community meeting held on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 6:00pm, at Harry Stone Montessori Academy. Topics to discuss are Montessori program, Montessori classroom and Montessori evaluation.

Please come and participate in the conversation! Call Dallas ISD Board Services (972) 925-3719 for more information.

The meeting is to speak to parents and teachers regarding concerns Dr Blackburn has received regarding Harry Stone’s Montessori program.

The concerns from parents include that the Montessori program is not being implemented with fidelity, and concerns from teachers include that the Montessori classrooms are not being evaluated effectively.

Dr Blackburn has asked that Harry Stone’s staff make presentations about these concerns, and he will take questions and comments afterwards.

We look forward to having you join Wednesday @ 6.

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